We are a young business devoted to the independent stage versions, to the presentation and transfer of copyright / royalties on our plays, and to the organization and the provision of our executive production services, stage production or general direction.

With headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and associates in Madrid, Spain, we have been presenting theatrical productions in Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, United States and Peru since 1994.


Our goal now is to get in touch with actors, authors, directors, producers willing to open up to a new experience within the huge universe of theater, to produce new proposals together. Stage production has always been teamwork. We understand that it is not possible to produce individually.


All the texts of our plays and productions can be put on stage in different countries. We own most of the copyrights and we are interested in their stage production. Sometimes we have helped with the production, with the direction or the artistic work. We recomended www.autoresargentinos.com

Contact us to ask about materials, types of staging, adaptations or translations of the play you select. We also work with several Argentine playwrights and directors that we can connect with producers of other parts of the world.

If you are interested in any of our plays or if you think you can stage it in your place or country don’t hesitate to send us an email: info@silva.com.ar


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